I have used Micro Plumbing several times and referred friends as well. We are all very pleased with pricing and quality of work.

Micro Plumbing is fabulous....affordable, responsive, and never sells you more than you need...also very good with old houses with old plumbing as are plentiful in our neighborhood.

I always use Micro Plumbing. They are a small, family owned business that has treated me VERY fairly. I actually have them scheduled to come out this week for a third job that I need done. I have referred them to a couple of other people and they have been so pleased that they have used them multiple times as well.

Julie M.

We've hired MicroPlumbing several times w/good results. Last time the roofers (Lasting Improvements -- never hire them) after failing to fix a leak tried to say it was plumbing leak. I emailed the picture they took to Micro who replied they'd be glad to help but they hated to waste my money as they could tell from the picture it was not plumbing leak. The roof was under warranty so I had to hire them to come out & confirm that. Later hired another company that DID fix the leak. But I believe the incident shows Micro is honest.

Karen W.

Micro Plumbing is wonderful. When I wanted some work done they offered to do it in a week. I told them I had companies lined up to complete a project and they got a person out the same day. And they did a good job.

Kaey C.

Micro plumbing came out to our house and did an excellent job. They even asked me if there was anything else I needed to have fixed. They were very personable and helpful.

Christine J.

Give micro plumbing a call, those guys are awesome and are reasonably priced

Paul B.

1000% recommend Micro Plumbing. Mike Miller is honest, skilled, and reputable. They've done a lot of work in our house. Every estimate is thorough and clear. Every technician has been on time, friendly, and efficient. Great locally owned company.

Darla G.

Always on time, fair prices.

Jill S.

Micro plumbing take cares of all our plumbing needs, including our water softener. We have used them for over 15 years.

Cherie S.

Micro Plumbing has done me well. I had slow drains, not clogged, and they did send a plumber from their company. I have had nothing but good experiences with them including the person who handles the incoming calls.

Lorraine S.

Micro plumbing. We just had a problem with our sewer line. Another company gave us a very expensive quote and said we have to replace the whole line from the house to the street. Micro gave us a lower bid. When they dug up say told us the other company was ripping us off. That the whole line did not need to be replaced, that only one area needed to be replaced and since we put a down payment down half of it would be coming back to us from Micro. We have used them for years and they have always shown us that they are a honest company.

Cherie S.