Your bathroom plumbing is arguably the most important aspect of your bathroom. No one wants to endure a situation where toilets are backing up or clogged shower drains are leaving you with inches of standing water in your tub. Keep things running smoothly with bathroom plumbing services performed by the experts at Micro Plumbing, Inc.


We are dedicated to providing area residents with top-tier plumbing that’s done right the first time. Not only will we get your Omaha shower drains and other bathroom plumbing back in working order, but we clean up after ourselves so well you’d never even know we were there! All you’ll notice is that your bathroom sink drains the way it’s supposed to or that your toilet is no longer running.

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There are a variety of issues with bathroom plumbing that we get calls on time and time again. The nature of the use of bathrooms means they are prone to plumbing problems. Some of the most common calls we receive include:

  • Dripping faucets: If your faucet fails to stop dripping water after you’ve turned the tap off, it can not only annoy you to no end with its incessant drip, drip, drip, but it can also cause your water bill to creep ever upward over time. Not all faucets are built the same, so if you’ve noticed this happening in your bathroom, it’s best to call the pros to accurately assess the situation for the best solution.
  • Clogged bathroom sink drains: Some clogs near the top of your drainpipe in the bathroom may be cleared with a small snake tool that will grab out the hair and other gunk that’s likely the culprit. However, if you are dealing with consistent clogging of your drains we recommend calling us to come and find the root cause of the clog so it can be permanently fixed.
  • Leaking pipes: Just as a dripping faucet can drive your water bill higher, leaking pipes can become very expensive if they’re left alone. Not only do they cause you to use more water, but they can also cause serious water damage to your home.
  • Low water pressure: No one enjoys low water pressure, as it can turn a relaxing shower into a truly sad affair. Sometimes the cause has to do with the municipal water supply, other times you just need to clean your faucet aerators and faucet heads. But if you know your faucet is cleared and you’re still dealing with low water pressure, it could mean a deeper problem with your bathroom plumbing.
  • Running toilets: Most often when your toilet continues to run after flushing, it’s a simple problem of the flapper chain having a kink that keeps it from closing completely. Anyone can fix this by removing the tank lid and giving the chain a jiggle. But if the flapper is closed and the toilet is still running, it’s time to give Omaha’s bathroom plumbing service experts at Micro Plumbing, Inc. a call at (402) 895-1212.