Why Micro Plumbing, Inc. for Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Services at your Omaha property?

Micro Plumbing, Inc. is a licensed, insured, and bonded company in and surrounding Omaha. Our licensed plumbers have had the pleasure of serving our customers for over 28 years. You ask, “Why Micro Plumbing, Inc. for my remodeling plumbing project?” We are the premier plumbing company in the area, and we come with knowledge, experience, professionalism, and a great reputation with contractors, architects, and designers.

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Our knowledge comes from our constant education of new and existing products on the market. This is to assist our customers in making accurate decisions for their needs when it comes to the plumbing requirements in Omaha for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling project. We are here to give you a free estimate if you already know what you want to do. But if you are in need of assistance with suggestions, possibilities, or layout concerns we are here to help. We will give you suggestions and information about your home and what your needs may be. Knowledge is power. Our licensed plumbers in Omaha will assist with understanding the city code of what may be required for your project and connecting the new with the existing to give you the best possible outcome for your Kitchen or Bathroom project. It is about the aesthetics, but it is also about the practical. We want your investment to serve you for many years to come.

Our experience is 2nd to none. It is the goal of the licensed plumbers in our Omaha company to always be professional and complete in our service to our customers. This is in our attitude, work ethic, knowledge, and willingness to get your project completed in the manner that you are proud of. 

Our licensed journeymen plumbers come ready to execute the task at hand, we understand time is money. And we want you to have the best, receive the best, and get the best with what you are paying for! With Micro Plumbing, Inc. on the job for your plumbing needs, this is what you’ll receive!

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