Faucet leak and toilet tank repair in Omaha

Some of the most troublesome noises you hear in your home are at night when you are tossing and turning and trying to go to sleep. It seems that is when the house is settled, and you hear one of two concerning sounds. One may be drip, drip, drip, and the other may be the sound of the toilet filling, shutting off, and refilling. Are either of these signs that your Omaha home needs plumbing repair services or are they just bothersome noises? 

First, the drip, drip, drip, the faucet dripping or even a slight constant dribble is not normal. It may be just a matter of tightening a connection point, stems (internal works) may need to be replaced or something larger. The faucet might just be old and has given you its full life. Either way, it does need attention.  The noise may just throw you over the edge, but the waste or cost of the water does mount up. Omaha plumbing repairs can become costly, especially if there is more than one of these types of issues going on in a home.

Another common noise we hear in our homes is the regular or intermittent “ghost filling” of a toilet tank. The reason most of the time is that water is getting by the flapper and water is being wasted. Sometimes it can be a “simple” but precise adjustment of chain/arm for the flapper. There are several other working parts within a toilet tank down to the bowl and the wax seal. Any one of these components can cause a problem and might require toilet tank repair in your Omaha home. Especially if this is occurring hourly or even at a quicker rate. If unattended, you may see a costly uptick on your next water bill.

So, if you have a concerning faucet, toilet, or any other issue in your home or office, the service department at Micro Plumbing, Inc. and our team of plumbing repair experts in Omaha are here to help in a timely, professional, and affordable manner.  Give us a call, 402-895-1212. “Big enough to do the job, but small enough to care.” Micro Plumbing, Inc.