Backflow devices in Omaha

A backflow device prevents non-potable (contaminated) water from flowing into a water system. This would be a health hazard if not for one of these two types of valves properly installed. There are two main types used for properties in Omaha: Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB) and Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) backflow preventers. For a residential application in Omaha, you may have either an RPZ or a PVB backflow preventer. Common applications can be a lawn sprinkler, boiler, or swimming pool. 

For a commercial application, you would typically see an RPZ backflow preventer. This type of backflow device is used in Omaha when there is a higher hazard of contaminants entering the water system. Some applications you may find would be chemical dispensers, service containment, cooling towers, boilers, pop dispensers, pools, fountains, etc.


Backflow testing is an annual test and report that is performed by a licensed plumber who has the Grade 6 State certification for testing of Backflow Systems. Our local plumbing code and municipality (MUD) require these to be done upon new installation as well as on an annual basis. Such a test may be for boilers, pools, fountains, food processing, dry cleaning, labs, chemicals usage, or other such systems. Backflows used on lawn sprinklers are exempt from annual testing, however, these should be checked by a qualified plumber regularly to ensure they are maintained and operating properly. Backflow testing annually in Omaha protects us from faulty devices, and incorrect installation and ensures that our water supply stays clean and safe for us all.

Backflow device installation

Installing a backflow device can protect you from costly water damage.

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