I've hired this plumbing company three times, but this last experience nails them for me as a good company. Roofers tried to tell me a ceiling leak was caused by a "hole" in a plumbing pipe. The "hole" seemed too small & located such that that couldn't possibly be the cause. When I emailed Micro, they replied they'd be happy to help, but they hated to see me waste my money as they suspected it was not a plumbing leak. But needing to convince the warranty company, I requested an appointment. The two men arrived on-time, were well equipped & did a much more thorough testing job than the roofers had done. They not only confirmed it was not a plumbing leak, but offered some convincing proof of where the leak actually is. They were patient & not at all condescending with questions. This company has been a five star experience each time they've been here.

January 22, 2020