Micro Plumbing have worked on our home for emergency response jobs such as leaking toilet or frozen pipes as well as the entire remodel of a kitchen for 4 years. We have been consistently impressed with the quality of work performed, the professionalism of all Micro Plumbing workers coming to our home and on the phone. Its not only the quality of work which has exceeded our expectation but the quality of the people we interact with at Micro Plumbing. They have a long term perspective and go the extra mile to make sure our experience is a positive one. In addition we have found the amount they charge for the work performed to be highly competitive. We have 2 children and it is important to us knowing the individuals who come from Micro Plumbing share our values and are of high integrity and sterling character. We also enjoy their excellent communication and fast response time when we have had plumbing emergencies such as frozen pipes or a toilet leaking and damaging drywall on a floor below. I am a Director at a large corporation in Omaha and do travel a great deal. I consider Mike and his team at Micro Plumbing to be partners and confidants as applies to my home and families plumbing needs. I have complete trust in them and do not need to look over their shoulder to make certain they provide accurate information to me and do the work right. This is simply who they are and how they are wired from a character perspective. They do the right thing.

- Patrick A.

January 22, 2020