Plumbing Fixture


If you take care of your plumbing service in your home, it will take care of you. This is a true statement if you are mindful of a few things in your home. Checking your water piping, drains, water heater, water treatment system and your plumbing fixtures regularly they will give you longevity. If you take care of any problems as they arise, this is the best way to ensure your plumbing system remains running smooth for a lifetime. Micro Plumbing, Inc. in Omaha is a professional plumbing company that knows the importance of keeping your plumbing system maintained and problem free.

While your plumbing is very durable and reliable when professionally maintained and service by a licensed professional plumbing company, like Omaha's Micro Plumbing, Inc., there are a few common plumbing problems that you may want to look out for on your own.

Not enough hot water: Your water heater is what controls this. As a water heater ages it can have built up on the inside. This sediment, can cause your water heater to be inefficient. Thus, possibly of replacement is soon to come.

Bad smelling or poor tasting water: If you have a bad smell to your water or if it taste bad you may want to have your water tested and see if installing a treatment system installed in your home is right for you.

Leaking faucets or running toilets: This can be expensive over time, let alone bothersome in the middle of the night. Almost, most of the time these are very quick fixes if you hire a plumbing professional like Micro Plumbing, Inc.

If you notice any one of these problems or anything else with your plumbing, call us, Micro Plumbing, Inc.

Micro Plumbing, Inc. in Omaha is a professional plumbing company that provides regular plumbing maintenance, water heater services, and much more. We offer reliable and respectable service, and want to take care of you. Micro Plumbing, Inc. Big or Small, We Do It All!