Football is on TV, the leaves are changing and falling, these are the sure signs that colder weather is on the way.

As our minds and activity start to shift from the outside to the inside we still need to be conscience of our outside plumbing. Even though lawn experts will tell you that our yards need water, we have to be mindful of water usage with the colder weather. Remembering to remove our hoses from our outside faucets and if you choose to continue to use your lawn sprinkler to water our grass you must be consider those sudden shifts in nighttime temperatures. Even short periods of time in freezing temperatures can damage Back Flow Preventers and plumbing exposed to the outside temperatures. If  you have removed your hoses, you’ve shut down your Back Flow Preventers and you see water dripping outside, even inside or hear running water it is  time to give Micro Plumbing, Inc.,a call.