Gas Line Installation & Repair in Omaha

Micro Plumbing, Inc. can help you with all your gas line needs. Our licensed journeymen plumbers have years of experience dealing with existing gas lines and with new gas line installations for Omaha residential or commercial properties.

Our expertly trained staff can help you from beginning to end with your gas lines. Whether you need existing gas line repair on your Omaha property, have questions surrounding your gas lines, or even if you want to change or add gas to an area, our professional plumbers can help.

Existing gas lines

The gas lines in our home or business place help us heat our property, heat the water to our water heater, or light our fireplace. Either way, with any property maintenance, we need to be aware of any changes. Fortunately, we have an odor agent added to our gas in the Omaha surrounding area. Natural gas is normally odorless. This aids in helping us identify if there may be a leak. If you suspect but do not smell anything it is easy to check by using a spray bottle of clean soapy water. Just spray where you think there may be a leak and watch for the area to bubble. That is just one of many ways to attempt to check if there is a leak.

But as always it is best to call a professional to aid in detection and gas line repair. In Omaha, Micro Plumbing, Inc. is always available to help. 402-895-1212.

Addition of New Gas Lines

There are a myriad of new gas lines that one may want to add. Some are for convenience and others are for beautification.

Let us touch on convenience. Have you ever thought of running natural gas into your existing fireplace that burns wood? Did you know it’s possible to retrofit a natural gas line into your existing wood fireplace? Enjoy quick, easy warmth without having to bring in wood or worry about burning through it all before you turn out the light for the evening. Just simply turn it off!

We can also add a new gas line to an outside grill. This does not have to be a built-in one, but your standard grill can also be hooked up so you never run out of gas in the middle of grilling out.

Another convenient gas line we can install in your Omaha residence might be a gas stove or cooktop. This gives you the option of immediate on and off and allows you to regulate what you are cooking and from a safety standpoint know if a burner is hot or not.

Gas lines for beautification can be an addition of a fire pit, fireplace both indoor or outdoor, outdoor kitchen, burning cauldrons around a pool for ambiance, or even gas-burning lamps. Your imagination and budget light your way to as many possibilities as you can dream. No matter how big or small your project or dreams may be, the professional team at Micro Plumbing can help with gas line maintenance, installing new lines, fixing a problem, or just making your dreams a reality. Give us at Micro Plumbing, Inc. a call at 402-895-1212. Big or Small, we do it all!!