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I know it is uncomfortable to call a plumbing company when an issue or more likely an emergency comes up. Who do I call? Who can I trust? Who will give me a fair price and NOT take advantage of my situation? I know these are the question that I ask.

I can tell you that the answer to all of these questions is MICRO PLUMBING! We will take care of you. We will explain any and everything you need explained, to make you comfortable and sure that we are the company for you!

You can trust us! We are a company that will give you an honest, professional, quality job! Our approach to our customers is with the utmost of respect and integrity. We want you to feel you can call on us with any question and receive an honest answer. Here at MICRO PLUMBING we are looking out for YOU, the CUSTOMER, YOU being completely satisfied and taken care of. It is our desire to earn your trust and build your confidence in MICRO PLUMBING.

The pricing we give you will be a fair price for the job done. With our professional plumber’s training, experience and expertise you will receive a high quality job upon completion. It will be completed in a reasonable about of time and done correctly to the highest standards in the industry.

Another thought that I look for in hiring a company is how long have they been in business?” I think it is important to find a company that has established itself as a long time community member. I like to build a relationship with a company that I can call on in the future. One that knows and understands my needs! This is something that is built over time

If this is the type of company and service you are looking for then I would strongly recommend calling MICRO PLUMBING, INC. We have been in business for almost 20 years and we are here for you! No matter the size of the project, residential, commercial, new or old. “BIG or SMALL, WE DO IT ALL!!” (402) 895-1212