Reverse Osmosis System Water Softener System

This time of year not only brings the cold air, but it brings the dry air too! As you've probably already experienced this season, dry air sucks moisture from your skin. So just as we use humidifiers to add moisture to our homes, we need to find solutions to add moisture to our bodies. And no, Bath and Body works, although pleasing to the senses won't quite cut it. Besides using lotions and drinking more water, there are other solutions that can help you take care of your skin.

First, beyond just drinking more water make sure you are drinking quality water. You can do this by installing a Reverse Osmosis System. Second, believe it or not, long hot showers or baths dry out your skin. However, since most of us don't care to take cold showers in the winter, try switching to a soft water system.  Removing the "hardness" from the water allows the body to keep its natural oils which helps prevent our skin from drying out. There are many other benefits to soft water including increasing the life of your plumbing fixtures, your pipes and even your water heater. Installing soft water will even provide you with financial benefits, for it will decrease your use in cleaning products such as laundry detergent, dish soap, and bath products. So here are your two simple solutions for attacking dry skin at the source.

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