Frozen, cracked pipe

Winter is officially here. The calendar tells us that and the weather outside is a realistic reminder.

By now the sprinkler system should be winterized and the hoses disconnected from hose bibs including the hose bib in the garage if you have one there also.

When the weather turns bitterly cold and the wind is howling, “What can be done to prevent frozen pipes?” We get this question all of the time. We always dread this question because this is never a fun thing to have happen! Here are some helpful hints to prevent. The earlier this is done, the better. Keeping in mind this isn’t a full proof solution, it just a helpful possible option. There are a mix of variables that can change the outcomes….like wind direction and just how cold it is.

First and foremost you can bump up your temperature in your home, open cabinets of the effected area, shower doors left open and make sure doors are open to the room to keep airflow. If you have a known, problematic area you can insulate the pipes or get an electric heater going to help ensure it not to freeze.

But if it is frozen already here are some suggestions to help get the line unfrozen. Be sure first and foremost open the faucet (turn it on), get heat on the pipe and get that area warmed up. Whether you can use a heater or a blow dryer just NEVER AN OPEN FLAME. Sometimes just to open the cabinet and wait it out will free the line. If it remains frozen and you have no other options for usage or it’s a bigger problem of course be sure to call Micro Plumbing, Inc.

Keep in mind if it has frozen once chances are it will freeze again. So with that in mind just getting the section unfrozen may not be enough. Be sure to get the problem solved try to figure out WHY it froze. Big or Small We Do It All!