You’re enjoying your new home or freshly remodeled bathroom. It is crisp and clean. It actually sparkles when you turn on the lights! You think to yourself, “Wow, I really love my bathroom! I wonder how do I maintain all this sparkle?”


I have few handy little hints. They are easy and cost next to nothing. They might take a second or two of your time, but well worth it in the longevity of your home.


First, lets just talk about basic usage of your sink. After you use the faucet and/or sink, don’t allow pools of water to remain. This may seem to be a small thing but remember that water contains minerals that are harmful to finishes. Simply take a towel and wipe it off. Notice the shine and sparkle comes back in an instant.


Second, when you use the shower or tub make sure to rinse down the unit to get as much of the fresh dirt, soap, shaving cream, and shampoo residue off before it has a chance to dry on. Also in a shower, be sure to squeegee the walls and doors. This also helps remove any residue there. Then lastly wipe off the faucet, hand held showerheads or stationary showerheads this will help with unwanted water spots.


The toilet, its just this simple “keep it clean” motto, this will go a long way. Urine is very corrosive! So just make sure that you do a quick wiping up with some toilet paper and keep it clean after going to the bathroom. And girls it’s not just the guys, check under the seat and be neat. But as the weekly cleaning is being done, be sure to pay attention under the rim and keep the jet area free of mold and debris. They sometimes get forgotten.


I know this seems to be a lot of extra time but in reality it is just seconds for a big pay off! And if you really want to keep your bathroom sparkling new for a long time, you may want to inquiring about a soft water system. Installing this would cut down on the hard water stains and mineral deposits.


Either way there are many options just as there was in the choices you made for this beautiful bathroom. Give Micro Plumbing, Inc. a call with any of your plumbing needs. Big or Small We Do It All!