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People often ask why Micro Plumbing Inc. is the name of our company. Originally we chose Micro as a play on words and combination of our names: Mike and Rhoda. But as our company has developed it has come to mean so much more.

Micro is a word that is often associated with size and initially one thinks of something small. We are small in the sense that we are a family-oriented business. We pride ourselves in the culture we’ve created within our company. Additionally, we are small in that we make the little details BIG deals! At Micro Plumbing Inc. in Omaha, our residential and commercial plumbers strive to keep the work area tidy and go above and beyond to not only make sure there are no leaks and your plumbing is operational, but we work with quality, integrity and professionalism. And finally, we strive to earn your trust by installing quality products that match your standards.

Second, Micro is a small word with big impact. For instance, think of how microorganisms or microbiology sound small, but in reality accomplish big things. Likewise, Micro Plumbing is small, but mighty. Yes, it is true that we do small repairs on your residence, but the expert residential and commercial plumbers at Micro Plumbing in Omaha also do new installation on large commercial buildings, as well as, remodeling and new home construction. Micro Plumbing is available to care for every type of client no matter the size of the project. This accounts for our tagline: “Big or small, we do it all!”

Regardless of the size of the job, we know our customers make our business so we pay attention to YOU and your needs. We also resolve to give our honest feedback based on our expertise. This means we not only accommodate our customers, but we don’t take the easy route. We strive to do the job right the first time and explain why the right route isn’t always the easiest. This accounts for our second tagline: “Big enough to do the job, and small enough to care!”

So if you’re looking for a plumbing company that not only cares about the job, but the attention to detail it takes to do it, then call the residential and commercial plumbers at Omaha’s Micro Plumbing, Inc. We care about you and your project. No matter the size.