Most of us have heard this saying before. We learned it from our parents and grandparents usually in the moment of a crisis. Doesn’t life feel like if one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong? We hit this time of year and our kids sprout Giraffe legs so we need to buy school clothes, then the holidays come and we have extra expenses, then the dishwasher stops working…all of these were unexpected, Right??? Well, if we are honest with ourselves, we know kids grow, we know when Thanksgiving is, and we know we should plan for rainy days…need I go further? Don’t get me wrong. Emergencies do happen, but they, don’t have to come knocking at our door uninvited if we plan ahead.

I’ll leave you to your other household responsibilities, but when it comes to plumbing knowing what’s going on in your home can save you stress, frustration, let alone money. If there’s a drip or standing water, don’t put it off. Call Micro Plumbing, Inc. and get it checked out. By working ahead on the front end of a situation, Micro Plumbing Inc., can help you avoid an “emergency.” Don’t wait until Thanksgiving morning when your house is full of guests. Make a plan ahead of time, that’s more convenient to avoid the unspeakable situations that occur when you volunteer to host a family dinner.

I cannot tell you the number of times that customers tell us, “If only I called when…” or “I never thought that could happen…” Those little things can turn into big things rather quickly. So don’t wait until you’re standing in the middle of the pouring rain, drenched without an umbrella. Instead, be prepared and call Micro Plumbing, Inc. Big or Small, We Do It All!