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April 1st, 1996, was the first day of many years to follow, we hoped. We had a dream to create a business where we wanted to go to work and where others wanted to also! That is what we have done. It’s been through a lot of ups and downs, mistakes and successes, but how else do you learn?

Did you ever wonder where did we get the name of Micro Plumbing, Inc.? That is a very simple answer, it’s our names combined. Mike and Rhoda, Micro! Then the big and small came into the logo, based on the wide scope of work we perform. We have expertise in all aspects of plumbing, so there you have it…MICRO PLUMBING, INC. BIG OR SMALL, WE DO IT ALL!!

As of today, we can honestly say we have the best team of employees that we have EVER had, the most knowledge, versatile, professional and experienced family of employees! They are service minded and sincerely concern for each one of our customers. No matter if it is working on a commercial job or residential job, even if it is a million dollar commercial project to replacing washer in a faucet for a homeowner. They are working for you the customer!!

We thank you and appreciate all of our customers!! You may have been with us from the beginning or just getting acquainted with us. No matter the length of time or the size of the project we appreciate you entrusting us with your plumbing needs and calling Micro Plumbing, Inc. over and over!!

We hope to continue serving you the customer, which has kept in business for 20 years and look forward to many more!!



Mike and Rhoda