Micro Plumbing, Inc. is one of those rare company’s that only does plumbing. Why you ask? We do what we love! For us, we want to be the best! The only way to be really good at something is to focus solely on one thing and for us that is plumbing. That is one of the reasons we have been in business for over 20 years.

From your conceptualization to completion, we are the company for you. We start with the bidding process to make sure our bid is all-inclusive with no added surprises in the end. Change orders, we can do that too. We strive to be fair, accurate and precise. During the project we have our project manager focused on your project. We want to make sure that it is going as smoothly as possible and everything is remaining on time!

We put forth the best in the industry with our knowledge and know how to give you a finished product that we can BOTH be proud off. We give our best so you can have the best! Everyone at Micro Plumbing, Inc. from our Master plumbers to our journeymen on down to our apprentices have this goal in mind for the completion of all our commercial projects.

Then after the completion we can also be there to service your commercial property if anything should ever arise. How nice to have a company able to step right in and know your project inside and out to care for the plumbing. No extra costly time spent trying to figure things out. We don’t just do a project; we are there for you through any and every phase of a commercial property that is needed.

So when you are looking for a commercial plumbing company in the Omaha area, call Micro Plumbing, Inc. Big or Small, We do it all!!