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I’m glad you asked. Micro Plumbing, Inc. is a licensed, insured and bonded company in the Omaha metro area. For over 20 years, our residential plumbers have served Omaha customers with knowledge, experience, professionalism, and a great reputation with contractors, architects and designers.

Our knowledge comes from our constant education of new and existing products on the market. This is to assist our customers in making an informed decision that marries need, desire and possibility. Behind the scenes of your home are various pipes, a variable that is based on the age and location of your home. Thus, Micro Plumbing’s knowledgeable employees will not only provide you with the design you want, but the safety you need.

In addition, our experience is vast. Our residential plumbers work all over Omaha and the surrounding area. We have experience with kitchens, basement bars, powder baths, master bathrooms, laundry rooms, entire houses and even outdoor entertaining spaces. Whether your home is new or an one-hundred year old farmhouse, we’ve got you covered. If you have a high-rise condominium or a historic mansion, we’ve got you covered. Whatever your dream—simple or extravagant—we have the experience to help make it a reality.

Lastly, we strive for professionalism. This value is executed in our attitude, work ethic, and appearance. You’ll notice how our plumbers are prompt and cleanly, because your time and home are important—because plumbing is more than just a leaky sink.

Why Micro Plumbing? At Micro Plumbing in Omaha, our residential plumbers value knowledge, experience and professionalism. We understand that plumbing means more than just pipes—it means your kids get a hot bath before bed, your guests get a home cooked meal, and your husband gets clean underwear—it means you take care of what takes care of you. Here at Micro Plumbing we are family so we value yours.

If you are looking to update your water heater, fix your disposal, or do home plumbing remodeling, you want an Omaha company that is knowledgeable, experienced and professional,

Give Micro Plumbing, Inc. a call. (402) 895-1212, because

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