Water Softener System

Have you ever wondered why your skin feels sticky after you have showered or why your skin is so dry? The answer just may be, your water.

Some areas of Nebraska have more hard water than others. When we say “hard water” we are referring to the types of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and iron that are found in the water. Hard water and its minerals are deposits that build up and you see on your faucets, tile and shower doors. One of the ways to help control this  is to install a water softener system. The minerals are removed by a resin then washed away with a brine mix. Thus not leaving that scaly build up that you see and the sticky, dryness you feel.

You will no longer be adding to the scaly build up on your existing fixtures or if you have newer fixtures this will prolong the beauty of their finish. And you, well your skin will have a soft healthy glow!

Another attribute to soft water is, you use half as much soap, shampoo, detergent and cleaning products. Which for those with sensitive skin can be helpful. Let alone a cost savings benefit! Do you wonder how or why this is? All of those minerals have weight to them. Then you add products and they are weighed down even more. Therefore when the resin removes those minerals you  are left with more pure water. Hence less product needed. More money stays in your pocket and less time out and about purchasing.

So give Micro Plumbing, Inc. a call. We can give you an estimate for a quality unit that is adequate size of water softener system that is right for your needs. Big or Small, We Do It All.