Happy Thanksgiving


As I sit and ponder a Thanksgiving message, I think of all that I am thankful for.  And I want to share those things with you, but first I ask that you too would take some time to reflect on this season of gratitude.

We am thankful for all of our customers, contractors and employees.   It is our hope this attitude of gratitude and appreciation is evident in our daily interactions with you. We realize we exist because of you and we are grateful!

Now that you’ve had a moment to contemplate, what are you thankful for? Thankfulness is contagious. Think of one blessing and I bet you’ll think of two, then three…once you get going then it becomes easier. Our thought process shifts. I would challenge you to make a list. Then tuck it away somewhere so you can look at it or maybe add through out the year. It is amazing how our heart and minds can change with just a positive thought!

“Being joyful isn’t what makes you grateful; being grateful is what makes you joyful.” –Ann Voskamp

For me, I am thankful for My Beloved husband, my family and God’s protection over all of us. We truly have had a blessed year. Mike and I celebrated our 32th year of marriage! Our family has grown with our daughter and son in law’s 1st baby! Yes, We are Grandparents! We also have a second granddaughter on the way in March! What a miracle! He Mama is our little cancer survivor, for those that walked with in during that time. She and her husband are eagerly awaiting her arrival, as are we! So with that we are thankful and look forward to joyful celebration of Thanksgiving!



Mike & Rhoda Miller, owners,Micro Plumbing, Inc.