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For homeowners in Omaha, finding a plumbing contractor for a project can be daunting. We all have questions but the million-dollar question we’re all asking is, “What makes a good plumbing contractor?" The answer varies depending on you and the size of the project. But here are some things to be think about.


Prior to starting a project, you want to make sure that you choose an Omaha-based plumbing contractor who you know will communicate well throughout the entire project. The professional should take time to explain the ins and outs of your project so that you are comfortable and capable of making informed decisions. Second, you want a contractor to be able to communicate well with others that may on the job with him. Communication is the key in every situation and is what helps projects start well and end well.


Homeowners in Omaha know, professional plumbers that are reputable and trustworthy are worth their weight in gold. You want to look for a contractor who is a long-standing, professional company. You’ll need someone who will stand by their products, services and workmanship. This gives you confidence that the job will be done correctly, with the best possible products, and the utmost in quality.


A referral is a good rule of thumb. If your friends and/or family are happy, most likely, you’ll be happy too. These referrals, are more than just a website or an advertisement, your friends will give you honest feedback. What’s more, referrals don’t just have to be from friends. If you know other trades people, don’t be afraid to ask them. They have knowledge of others trades people in various fields.


This is the bottom line for most everyone. When you’re hiring a plumbing contractor for your Omaha home, be mindful of the high and low numbers when multiple bids are involved. Make sure bids are identical and inclusive of the same items. If they are substantially one way or the other, you will need to ask, “Why”?

In the end you want your project to go well and to have a good experience. You want a contractor that communicates well, one that is reputable, highly recommended, and is priced according. A company that is professional and has knowledge of the full scope of YOUR project. That plumbing company is Micro Plumbing, Inc.! Micro Plumbing Inc. has been serving Omaha and its surrounding area since 1996. Give us a call, (402) 895-1212. “Big or small, we do it all”!