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A desire was birthed many years ago when a young man working hard to provide for his family found himself unhappy in a profession he loved. Without good basic benefits, he felt taken advantage of. What’s worse is he found himself in unethical work environments. All in all, he wanted more from the profession. He wanted to make a difference.


Hence, in 1996—22 years ago this month—Micro Plumbing, Inc. was born. We started a business to change the culture of the industry. It was not about making more money; this is a byproduct. Our goal was to create a family friendly atmosphere in the context of a professional work environment.


This is why our employees come first. We know that if they are taken care of personally and professionally, then they will be better equipped to take care of you. Service, professionalism, quality and honesty are high priorities, but it starts at home in the office.


Micro Plumbing, Inc. is "Big enough to do the job and small enough to care". “Micro” means small business. It means attention to detail. It means doing business with people you trust. But it also means the capability to do commercial projects like schools and apartments. This is Micro Plumbing, Inc.: Big or small, we do it all!


If you are looking for quality, fairness, attention to detail and great servicemen that are qualified journeyman plumbers, if you have a leaky sink, small bath remodel or are in need of a commercial project, give us a call at Micro Plumbing, Inc. and let us take care of you. “Big or Small, We Do It All! Micro Plumbing, Inc. (402) 895-1212